Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spinning Bethany

I have put this here for my sister Megan to see, but you are all welcome :D I took this of Bethany this morning, she does this all the time she loves being dizzy lol. Sorry its so dark it was early and please excuse the mess in the background I've had the flu and done absolutly nothing for days




StitchCat said...

Lol Andie...how adorable. Bethany loves spinning doesn't she. Thanks for sharing that video of your beautiful daughter

Love Maggie xx

Anonymous said...

LOL that is so cool! She's certainly worked out how to make that bouncer do what she wants to do.

Riley likes being dizzy too. I wonder why they like that. I hate being dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Oh 6 children which beautiful family you can be proud of you congratulations! I am happy of connaitre your blog best regards marylin